Cost of dinner: $20
Reservations: follow the link in the email announcement that will go out on the Monday of the week of the dinner.

Reservations are taken starting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday of the week of the dinner, and ending when the target number of guests have signed up, or at noon on Wednesday, the day before Cook's Night Out. After that time you may call the club to put your name on a waitlist; most often, all waitlisted people are given spots. Cancellations can be made at any time by using the same reservation link, but after noon on Wednesday there will be no refund of the cost of dinner unless someone is found to take the canceling person's place.

Upcoming Cooks Nights Out

For details click on a date. For all Cooks Nights Out use the club calendar.

for the Chefs

Some Things to Consider:

  • Our club members really don't expect an elaborate meal. Previous chefs have served up a wide variety of dishes: lasagna, fajitas, BBQ pork, chicken and rice, and all kinds of pasta dishes. We all enjoy this time together, and one thing is certain: this is NOT a competition. Your challenge is to tap into our many local farm resources, be innovative, and stay within a budget. There are a few cookbooks in the galley that cover cooking for large groups. If you are so inclined, there are a few catering firms that will gladly assist too.
  • The KYC galley was designed specifically for handling food preparation for large dinners. It has two commercial ovens with six-burner stove-top, two dishwashers, a walk-in refrigerator, an under-counter freezer, and a useful selection of pots, pans, cutting boards, bowls, and serving platters. You will want to have a look around sometime before your big day to determine if it has everything you need. "Cooks Night Out" aprons are available for all cooks to use, and should be left in the galley at the end of the evening. If you wish to purchase one of the aprons, please contact Helen Westcott. Due to the size of the galley, please limit the number of your sous-chefs to 5 people.  Chefs and sous-chefs do not pay for the meal on the night that they host.
  • Once you have your date confirmed all you have to do is put together your menu, enlist a few of your friends, and let Helen Westcott know so she can get post your date and menu on the club website and at the clubhouse.
  • Plan a meal that will serve 100 adults if possible. These CNO evenings are hugely popular and almost always fully reserved by the end of the day on Monday, especially in August. But if 80 or 90 is your maximum, we can work with that.  Just let us know in advance so that we can adjust reservations accordingly.  You and your crew should plan to serve the plates, at least for the first time through the serving line. The evening begins at 1800 hrs (6 p.m.) and serving begins at 1900 hrs (7 p.m.).
  • The club will have galley cleaning staff on hand at the end of the evening. They will need your help collecting the dishes and flatware. Please plan to take all of your personal dishes, pots, tools, etc home that evening. If you require galley help before the dinner, please contact the club manager in advance so that someone can be scheduled to help you.
  • Don't forget to give your reimbursable receipts to Helen Westcott or Deborah Little so that the club can get a check in the mail to you promptly.  You will be reimbursed for up to $500.00 only.
  • After you've recovered, remember that as CNO chef you will have a free pass to a CNO evening of your choice. You  must make this request at the time of your reservation.  Only the head chef for each week receives the free pass. The head chef is defined as the one person or one couple who signed up with Pat Starkey or Christina Montano in the spring.
  • Last and most important, remember to have fun! You're just cooking dinner for your extended family of KYC friends - what could be more enjoyable than that?

Pat Starkey
Cell: 410-708-2655

Christina Montano
Cell: 207-266-9274